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Yanna Ke'la Velven

    sub-seelie Technomancer — Neutral Evil 
          Created by Rhydin


Stats / Appearance

Gender Female
Status Single
Alias ykv
Gamescape Nationstates
Location TFL
Clan Velven
Yanna Ke'la Velven, Countess of the Daika Ward, and member of the Imperial Council, servicing the Hegemony of Rhydin. Sensual, flowing transitions and warm, organic materials, which have been contoured and shaped against the three-dimensional veneer of a human frame, with clearly-defined metallic and plastic that offered a cool and technical feel. The transitions between organic, metal and synthetic materials a hallmark of the Rhydinian's as well.

She bore no escort as lengthy frame to be within the open air for the merest of moments. Hair of ebony hue, pulled back against the scalp slickly, matching eyes that appeared as if they belonged to a shark. The lack of irises made them shine in the light at times.

Her languid pace, slight sway to hips as she moved, clothed within a style deigned appropriate for this endeavor beyond the sea's embrace. As Yanna displayed a form that was both manufactured and augmented to be a bit of both worlds, said form was appeasing in the snowy white, halter topped, somewhat plunging v-neck styled formal dress. It did expose a generous piece of her back, but well within modesty's caress.


Nimaz Velven Ri'zun


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Countess of the Daika Ward
Member of the Imperial Council
Member of the Advisory Staff to the Empress

Journal Entries

No journal entries have been written.
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Group Name Joined on
The Forgottenlands
"Lands beyond the mist, a place of gathering for worlds of fantasy and the modern born together as one. We are a region of writers apart of the Nationstates role-playing community. We espouse multi-species, Cyberpunk, Future Tech, Independent, Modern Tech, Role Player, Fantasy Tech, Medium, and Post-Modern Tech. "
29 May 2016

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created on 29-May-2016     last edited 30-May-2016

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