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    Human — Lawful Evil 
          Created by Tak


Stats / Appearance

Gender Female
Age 32
Status Widow/Widower
Alias freya_grail
Gamescape Nationstates
Location TFL


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Having survived the brutal war that followed in the wake of the Steel Lances leader Kamen Grail tragic death, Freya's childhood was nonexistent. She learned the art of the rifle, the finesse of the blade, the will of being a warrior, and the determination inherent to all of her bloodline.

After endless seasons spent training, her pilgrimage came to light. A right of passage where the young of the clan would shoulder their armor, and a single weapon. Leaving behind all they knew to make their fortune and way in the world beyond the dominion of their home.

Capable as a mercenary, of which is an honorable carrer, she nevertheless felt an emptiness. A lack of belief in any war or battle fought. Coin did not ease this, nor did companionship. It was not until the day that she met him, if he was a he at all, more of an it.

A champion for the Knighthood, the chosen of The Dark Lady, spared her on the field of battle. Claiming it would be a waste to sacrifice such talent, unfocused as of yet.

Cut away four seasons later, that young woman of battle has been transformed into a champion of order, justice, and faith. Takhisis shall guide us to victory, and her chosen champion of the Lily shall be there, presenting arms and spirit to aid.

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The Forgottenlands
"Lands beyond the mist, a place of gathering for worlds of fantasy and the modern born together as one. We are a region of writers apart of the Nationstates role-playing community. We espouse multi-species, Cyberpunk, Future Tech, Independent, Modern Tech, Role Player, Fantasy Tech, Medium, and Post-Modern Tech. "
29 May 2016

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created on 29-May-2016

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