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Barra Sadei

    Half-Drow/Half-Desert Elf Desert Druid — Neutral Good 
          Created by Lord Reynard


Stats / Appearance

Gender Male
Age 113
Status Single
Alias fox_of_shadow
Gamescape FR Story Forge
Location Unknown Desert Realm
Barra Sadei AKA The Desert Fox AKA The Shadow Fox, stands 6' 2" with long red hair.
When roaming the desert he appears as many would, cowled and wrapped in desert garb, its smooth black plates of chitinous armor a heavy contrast to the dusty white cloth underneath. Beside him stands a Huge red Fox the size of a large dire bear.

STR: 20
INT: 16

Armor: +9 masterwork Scarab chiton: lightweight armor of the desert provides no armor penalty, 20% resist hot/cold 40% resist lightning

Khadga of the desert X2
1d8 damage +Bab+STR
Darts of scorpion fang X12
1d4 +1d4 venom (venom causes 1d4 turns paralysis)
Blades of the Fox (concealed beneath his bracer plates and his elbow wrappings lay spring loaded blades accessible at a touch, a unique weapon given to him by his parents on his naming day 13 years earlier)
1d6 elbow.1d4 wrist.
Weapon finesse: Blades of the Fox(Innate Skill) Bab+ranks+STR


Dance of the Hungry Fox: when times get rough, as they often do in the desert lands, the two will occasionally perform this dance they learned in their youth to get sweets from the elders in his tribe, the dance consists of Kitsune and Barra taking turns wheelbarrowing one another then a set of theatrical tumbled followed by a over dramatic display pantomiming the two of them withering away of hunger. Usual good for at least a meal and offers a +10 to survival rolls in any lawful city.
Dance of the Cornered Fox: when surrounded He and his companion can fall into the dance, blades sprout from his elbows and along the outside edge of his bracers then the two begin attacking as one fighting this way grants a bonus to evasion, AC and attack.
Additional Information While generally neutral he will not turn a blind eye to the innocent. Two drunks fighting in the street he will ignore. A damsel being assailed, or an elderly shopkeeper robbed he will intervene
Quotes "Peaceful resolution is the best route, however it is only effective if you survive it."


Aredhel Elensar

Lady Nyra Shadowwalker


Blood Sister

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The product of a star crossed romance His parents fled to the desert realm where they could live in peace, there they bore a son, they named him Galad as he was called until the day of his 50th naming when, following tribal custom he changed his name to one of his choosing and performed the ceremony of bonding, transforming his childhood friend, a dire fennec Fox, into a true druidic companion. His parents had arrived with very little, fleeing those who would drive them apart had quickly taken all of their meager possessions...without water they walked the desert land until fortune favored them. The nomadic tribe that saved his parents called themselves "Haru Wataskano" roughly translated "shade chasers", they consisted of all the races, from Bug-bears, Kobolds and Ogres to Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, every type of Elf and even a couple of Kinder, the tribe draws its roots from thousands of years before when the first people found themselves there.who knows nothing of the other realms until now 113 years later when a rip in the veil swallows him and his companion hurtling them into another realm...

Journal Entries

Journal Name Timeline Created
Journey to the Rip 2013, 10, 03 02 October 2013
Escape from Insects 2013, 10, 04 05 October 2013
New Faces, New Places... 2013, 10, 05 06 October 2013
Smart Orcs, Capture, and Disbelief... 2013, 10, 06 07 October 2013
Interrogations and Misunderstandings 2013, 10, 07 21 October 2013

Group Membership

Group Name Joined on
Travelling Through the Rip
"Recently a Rip in the fabric of reality has been opened allowing many things to pass through unbidden. Like an open door anything can pass through taking heroes, villains, and beasts to random points in the multiverse, where will you wind up next? Join the chaos as the mystery of the Rip unfolds."
06 October 2013

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created on 01-Oct-2013     last edited 14-Oct-2013

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