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Ibidon Drakkenforge

    Half Dragon 
          Created by EyeoftheNyte


Stats / Appearance

Character Picture
Gender Male
Age ??
Status Single
Alias ibidon
Gamescape Other
Appears Approximately 30, in age.
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 225 lbs
Eyes: Left Emerald Green, Right Amber with a Green burst around the slitted pupil
Hair: Black, waist length in a single braid


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Ibidon had grown up knowing his heritage and it was due to that he was gifted with strength and intellect beyond his years. His blood line afforded him fine looks and a sturdy form which through years of work in his step-father's forge chiseled him a fine muscular form. It is known that those of half blood go though a painful tempering somewhere between the age of twenty and thirty years of age. Ibidon halfway through his twenty-fifth year discovered the terrible process of half-blood coming of age.

He was mending a wagon wheel and as he drew away from the forge his skin flickered with fire. He had seen some smithy's catch clothing on fire and he quickly dipped his arm into the cooling bucket. The flames, however were not quenched and began to dance atop the water. He had pulled his arm back and the flames began to stretch up his arm and further. Soon the flames began to sizzle his flesh and even as the human flesh began to melt away leaving a more armored exterior behind he raged against the painful process. Unearthly screams rang out from the forge and he tumbled upon the ground trying to put the flames out. The fire fueled by the magic of his blood.

Once the flames had subsided he lay on the floor of the forge in a smouldering heap. His step-father and mother had come out horrified by the scene of half melted and twisted metal in the forge, even the anvil was distorted and at the epicenter of the horrific scene was Ibidon, whom they both believed to be dead. He slowly rose and turned to face them. His mother wept and his father embraced her and offered a prayer to the gods. Ibidon looked at a puddle on the floor that had once been a steel blade. He saw the horrific truth. He had suffered the fate of so many half-bloods. He stood there half of his form its usual well muscled and slightly smudged from working in the forge and the other as ruined by the flames as the forge. His face looked slightly more reptilian and his right eye was slitted with a fiery amber and a green burst around the slit. His right hand and in truth his entire right side was more distorted to include an elongated pinky that had webbing that stretched down his forearm. His fingers and toenails came to points and were as hard as dragon's claws. His skin was stippled with the appearance of armored scales but still covered by a slight layer of skin in some areas.

Following that night, his mother could not stop weeping and his step-father, fearing for her sanity gave Ibidon his inheritance early and sent him on his way. Ibidon acquired a horse and large wagon and filled it with tools of his trade. He wrapped his wounds and people offered their sympathies, only slightly veiled their disgust, as he departed his home in the foothills north of a distant mountain range and used his trade to pay for his needs on the road.

In his wanderings, Ibidon crossed the path of a rather powerful magic user and was persuaded into a period of indentured servitude. Life as a servant to an eccentric, absent minded, and very demanding mage was not easy by any stretch. Though the years he toiled came to an end and Ibidon waited for his payment. The mage presented him with a chest. Upon opening the chest, instead of coin or jewels he saw a rather comprehensive set of smith's tools. After closer inspection a few odd markings could be found on various parts of the tools. What Ibidon didn't know is that they were draconic symbols and they made the tools virtually indestructible. He however knew what they did due to some inherent effects of his mixed blood. Now, when he would feel a spell coming on he attempted to channel the excess power through the tools as he plied his trade. While he was never able to properly fashion something during one of these spells he was able to cause far less destruction until it subsided.

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created on 01-Mar-2013     last edited 23-Sep-2014

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