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Kaiser Durandal

          Created by EyeoftheNyte


Stats / Appearance

Character Picture
Gender Male
Age 25
Status Single
Alias kaiser_durandal
Gamescape Other
build -- athletic
height -- 183 cm
weight -- 82 kg
hair -- platinum blond
eyes -- deep blue (#111158)
vocation -- Technical Security Specialist (Elite Hacker for Hire)


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Despite his profession, Kaiser is far from the stereotype. While no where near the status of a body builder, he manages to keep a healthy lifestyle and is rather well built. His success affords him the opportunity and prior to his incarceration could be found regularly at a gym. He keeps his hair a manageable length of four inches since it tends to stick up of it's own accord when dry. Having pale skin along with his light hair makes him appear rather ethereal and are in stark contrast with his dark blue eyes.

Not much is known of Kaiser's early years. It is speculated that he is infant the talent behind the hacker alias Kod3rKin9, one of the confirmed members of an elite hacker ring of the Ephemeral Empire. They were believed responsible for hundreds of high end hacks, including some middle of the road corporation, at least one interplanetary bank, and their only confirmed instance a corrupt private security company.

--||Update||-- Previously mentioned company went under some management alterations after some reports and anonymous information came out that they hand long term plans to make an attempt at the Emperor.--||End||--

What is known is that, Kaiser has been a highly sought after private contractor for the testing and maintaining of digital security. The last job he held was for Chronos Technologies one of the interplanetary giants in the tech, biotech, and weapons development fields. While the details behind his fall from grace are tightly guarded by ChronoTech, it is known that they pushed for the harshest of punishments for alleged Corporate Espionage. While Kaiser maintains his innocence and for his record to speak for itself, the R&D giant had the political and financial clout to ultimately push him into the triple-max prison.

ChronoTech officials were particularly lively when it came to their attention that, utilizing the cranial implant of another inmate, Kaiser managed to rig a communication transmitter and sent a signal to a notorious smuggler. The inmate was discovered, deceased, after his escape from the double-max facility. Kaiser's getaway was however thwarted when the pilot turned him over to the authorities.
With a murder and an escape on his record it wasn't hard to get him placed into a triple-max detention center. While there he served on one of the mining crews for six months before suddenly and inexplicably getting sent to cryo-sleep.

It is suspected that Kaiser has several accounts that weren't able to be located or perhaps were under another name. The ones that are known are frozen and tracked until Kaiser's official release.

||Undisclosed IC Information||
Kaiser has two ID chips, one is his left and one in his right hand. The one in his left is associated with his given name, Kaiser Durandal. The one in his right is a numbered anonymous account that is effectively untraceable without the chip in his hand.

Additionally he has an implant along the bone of his left forearm with a jack at his wrist that he keeps covered with a thick banded watch or a metallic bracelet. The implant is infant a storage device that can hold exactly one exabyte of information.

To assist with his abilities, Kaiser has an eidetic memory. His childhood teachers recognized this and would constantly struggle with challenging the boy Kaiser. As he grew up and his understanding grew he turned to hacking for entertainment. When he was nearly caught hacking into some military databases he sent out a small virus that deleted all information regarding him until he was eighteen years old. This is why there is very little out there on Kaiser Durandal.

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created on 01-Mar-2013     last edited 01-Mar-2013

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