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Daxion T'enloth

    Elf Tron-mage (electronics engineer) — Neutral 
          Created by EyeoftheNyte


Stats / Appearance

Gender Male
Age 634
Status No Answer
Alias daxion_tenloth
Gamescape Yahoo!
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 145 lbs (without cybernetic limbs)
185 (with cybernetic limbs)
Hair color: White (when not clean shaven)
Eye color: (Naturally) Green
(after ocular enhancement) metalic green
Usual Attire: Black cargos (probably with various electronic tools in various pockets)
Combat Vest with Nano-Discharge Coating.
SI Combat Boots with Artificial Gravity Capabilities.
Other: His right arm to the shoulder and his right leg to the middle of the thigh are cybernetic prosthetic limbs. Covering the left side of his cleanly shaven head is a tattoo looknig very much like circutry. The tattoo is actually a neural interface for his various cybernetic enhancements, most of them being quite experimental.
Additional Information He uses a highly modified freighter, called the Nexus, as his mobile labratory. It is secured using various forms of bio-rythmic security to keep out prying eyes. He scraped the stock AI and downloaded a portion of his conciousness via his neural interface, finding himself a much more tolerable being to communicate with. The freighter has been outfitted with nano-contuits, making the ship capable of repairing a number of minor damages. Having connections in the military he has procured a bomber class shield and a steath fighter cloaking device. These both have been carefully incorperated into the ship. Still in the works are plans for a number of automated weapons systems to replace the rather low class systems currently in place. All in all, it's everything an engineer could want in a giant flying lab.
Quotes "Aww, that's nothing a few good jolts of electric current won't fix! Here Let me show you..."


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In the first century of his life, Dax was part of a R&D team for experimental techknowledgies. While working on a new explosive device, his work was sabotaged and it went active and killed 4 members of the team, injured two others not including himself. In that explosion he lost both his right arm and leg and shrapnel hit his eyes damaging them some. Doctors and technitians worked for 6 hours on him using research that they found in his archived data records before the connections were completed for the prosthetic limbs. The implants in the eyes were the first to go in to keep him from going completely blind. Now with the implants he has zoomable vision as well as a small amount of x-ray capabilities. Also via his neural implants he can output and record exactly what he sees.

In the next two years Dax himself developed and installed his own cybernetic limbs which he still works on and upgrades from time to time, all the while making them look more and more like his real limbs but with certain advantageous capabilites. With his new limbs he has been able to continue his work, but now in his own personal lab since he is retired from his official position.

Since then he does commision work for the highest bidder. Reverse engineering, conceptual construction, and other upon order electronics... legal and not so... legal alike.

Journal Entries

No journal entries have been written.
Group Membership

Group Name Joined on
ULT: Canteon
"With the fall of the Telorians in the shockwave... the invasion of Canteon and the typically overwhelming number of zombies... black lagoonians and well... all out war. The realm is pretty much closed for buisness. That is unless your business is war. Welcome to the reality or realm known as Canteon. Home to the Underground Library & Tavern... where brownies build mechs, mages contemplate boiling their eyes, and a society of Telorians are attempting to keep the gods out of their buisness. Only well they keep turning into gods themselves. "
21 August 2004

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created on 21-Aug-2004     last edited 21-Aug-2004

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