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Athene Cauldron

    Human Mage — Neutral 


Stats / Appearance

Character Picture
Gender Male
Age 23
Status Single
Alias athene_cauldron
Gamescape FR Story Forge
Clan Mages Guild
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde

Athene wears gray robes with a darker grey trim bearing no markings whatsoever. His features though young look as if to in time take on the shape of the characteristic mage. His eyebrows are heavy and his eyes possessing a quality of otherworldliness. On his left upper arm he bears a tattoo of the Mages Guild an organization only a few generations old on the world Aloc'acoc (pronounced A'loch'a'cog though usually reffered to as Aloc amongst it's inhabitants). Benath his robes he wears studded leather armor and at his waist he carries a mace.

Additional Information Athene inherited a Wand of Polymorfing and his fathers Spell book from the band of travellers.

His father tutored him inbetween his travels in many subjects while when he was away he studied them independently. Amongst his studies are Ancient History, Astrology, Engineering, Herbalism, Ancient Languages, Reading and Writing, Gem Cutting and combat.

He chose the mace as his primary weapon because his father suggested it. "When you're casting a spell and someone is trying to interfere with it just knock them on the head, break their sword arm and you can continue with what you're doing"
Quotes "Never trust a beautiful woman from a place you thought was uninhabited"


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Athene is the son of Athene Cauldron senior a adventuring wizard who traveled to the sea of dust and never returned. As his son he traveled in search of him and joined the band of travellers his father was part of. He caught up with them on the edge of the sea of dust and went where his father was not able, an anceint city of ruins in it's center. There he and the band had several adventures before returning to civilization in the north. These days he travels alone in search of some rest before another adventure knocks on his door. Rest he may have found at the doors of the Red Rose Tavern.

Journal Entries

No journal entries have been written.
Group Membership

Group Name Joined on
the cliffside tavern AKA 'Woulfe's Den Tavern and Inn'
"Swim, Fly, or Run! by Tobias Woulfe posted 19 September 2006 @ 21:25 The Cliffside Tavern, once a place of gathering to many, and home to perhaps more. This great place stood as an Icon to RP in Ayenee, until the great cataclysm that destroyed the paths of that world. A great many who worked there and frequented there were lost in the upheaval. For over a year, the Tavern has been trying to survive here, its staff watching the empty rooms and hoping for the vibrant patrons which once graced its tables. It has survived, despite odds against it. The feelings that created it pushing it forwards. It is not just created by the Owner, the Keepers, it is created and maintained by all who come there, it always has been. This is a call to all, Newcomers, returners and those who never left - The Cliffside still stands, as it always shall, come to the forums or come to the chat and let its doors swing wide with the ever entering shadows. If none are around to open the tavern, open the room yourselves and enjoy the RP! ~Well said Tobias, Thank you. Just a foot note, The Cliffside Tavern was thought, seen as a run down building at the top of a set of cliffs the summer of 1997. Ten years its been around. Thats a long time for any gaming realm. Thanks all who made it possible. Sirene/Aliesh"
16 February 2005

Featured In:

Featured in:

The Drawing posted 29-May-2016
Crimson Nimbus posted 24-Dec-2005

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