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Azuka Souza-Elorian

    Mage — Good 
          Created by Azuka


Stats / Appearance

Character Picture
Gender Female
Age 0
Status Single
Alias azuka_souzaelorian
Gamescape Other
Location Saratia/ULT
Long golden curls frame a sweet yet somber face. Green eyes regard those she meets with a simple curiosity but see much more than what lies on the surface. Her age is truly unknown but she appears ever a girl of eight. Born of a pilot and a mage, the paths she treads more often than not lead her to a dangerous end and her lack of good fortune tends to greatly affect those around her, much to her sorrow.

Through the twists of fate her tutors have varied from powerful mages, to dragons, to Death. Taking what she could glean and making it her own, she seeks to find balance in a turmoil ridden life. Needed as she, she rarely finds peace or time for play like others her age.

She cleaves tightly to what remaining family she has and to those that would have her. A family of varied races and cultures, a family that bares hope for her.....her loving family, the ULT....
Additional Information Has a fear of swimming, but only because its cold.
Quotes "Uncle Jade likes goldfish ice cream, but between you and me, he picks out the fish."


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Separated from her father she lived with her mother until age two at which time, the mage Lily, was killed in the defense of their village. Fate carried the child from the hands of the village healer into the hands of Red, a learned dragon with the skills of a mage and a swordsman. His schooling lasted until the she was five, a short time for a child but her capacity for learning was great.

From Red, fate delivered her into the hands of her father, Stephan Souza, once more where she remained for two years. He was soon off again to fight in the war and word returns to her of his death.

Finding herself orphaned once again, she moved from friend to friend, avoiding trouble where she could though Death sought her, in the end it was yet another dragon that would help deliver her from a terrible end and set her back on the path that would once again lead her home to the ULT.

Her return saw her reunited with her father and put through many more adventures and another separation for the span of three years. Now, at age 12, she has again returned home to her father and whatever adventures await.

Journal Entries

Journal Name Timeline Created
Thoughts   01 August 2004
Returning to ULT Current 24 August 2004
Note to self....   03 September 2004
ULT is Scary!   05 October 2004
Shopping with Jupy/Traveling with Raven Current 12 October 2004
Dreams   19 October 2004
Too many things. 10-29-04 29 October 2004
At the Cabin Current 21 November 2004
Confusion reins!   21 December 2004
Split personality or insanity?   27 December 2004
Clarity   17 December 2010
Writing because of Tyrus   02 July 2015

Group Membership

Group Name Joined on
ULT: Canteon
"With the fall of the Telorians in the shockwave... the invasion of Canteon and the typically overwhelming number of zombies... black lagoonians and well... all out war. The realm is pretty much closed for buisness. That is unless your business is war. Welcome to the reality or realm known as Canteon. Home to the Underground Library & Tavern... where brownies build mechs, mages contemplate boiling their eyes, and a society of Telorians are attempting to keep the gods out of their buisness. Only well they keep turning into gods themselves. "
21 July 2004
The Alter-plains
"This is a group for those who roam not in just one world or realm of existence but the many that are out there. Join if interested and I hope we can have many great adventures together."
14 December 2009

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