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    Wolfgon (wolf/dragon hybrid) — Chaotic Neutral 
          Created by EyeoftheNyte


Stats / Appearance

Gender Male
Age 136
Status Single
Alias etalor
Gamescape FR Story Forge
Height: 6' at the shoulder (hybrid form)
6'2" (humanoid form)
Length (hybrid only): 15' (including tail)
Wingspan: 25'
Fur (hybrid only): White or black with tan tips
Hair: Black
Eyes: Amber
Scales: Green
Skin: Pale

Humanoid Description:
When in his humanoid form E'talor has pale skin and long black hair. On the backs of his hands, forearms, shins, framing his face and along his spine spanning 2" on either side are green scales that become sparse and small until they fade into just skin. Protected by a scale on the underside of his wrist is a small spot that can launch small spikes akin to quills that carry a powerful paralytic. His fingernails are black and nearly as hard as diamond.

Typically, he wears loose clothing, baggier tunic style shirts, black pants of wool or leather, but prefers silk. When walking amongst large groups of humans he wears an enchanted cloak that blocks all scent markers and heat coming from it's wearer.

Hybrid Description:
Currently, fur tufts out and back from his jaw. A thick mane of fur is around his neck leaving about a foot span on the underside without. From the mane a shot of shorter fur runs down along his spine and halfway down his tail. His whip like tail is tipped with two leaf shapes that cross looking much like an broad head for an arrow. Along the edges of each blade are razor sharp spikes that can be launched with a flick of his tail. These are infused with a powerful paralytic. Each foot ends in powerful digits that are tipped with black claws. The back of each foreleg is furred as if flames were trailing up each leg. The front of the front shoulders have rows of fur as well as the upper portions of his back hips. The wings are draconic in style, but at the knuckle and claw fur covers the complex joints and starts down each finger like digit to the second knuckle. The webbing between each finger is a similar green to the scales except translucent. With every shedding of scales and fur the placement of fur patches changes so he might not exactly look the same from meeting to meeting depending on the amount of time between.

Other Information:
The combination of bloodlines provided E'talor with amazing vision, smell and hearing. He also gained a powerful resistance to magic and natural defenses to many physical attacks. Aside from all of the perks the nature of his wolf half and the dragon half are in constant strife which can make his mood a little unstable when stressed. As there aren't many of his kind, he himself only ever coming across one other, it isn't common knowledge that wolfgon and full dragons are not particularly fond of one another. Wolfgon hate their pure blood cousins and usually the sentiment is returned. Also, due to the blending of species his humanoid form isn't exactly aesthetically pleasing to most people, and E'talor is a bit sensitive about his appearance.
Quotes "Don't judge a book by it's cover, even one as... unique as mine."


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Born from the unlikely union of a lycanthrope and a green dragon both in human forms. Unfortunately once he was born even the mother was appalled at her child's appearance. Once he was big enough to fend for himself he was abandoned in a city's slums. While there he found refuge in the sewers. There he survived on rats and vagrants. Once he got larger he managed gather some cloths from his victims and made his way out into the city. Where he sharpened his abilities to stay hidden and his senses guided him to remain undetected for years.

As all good things do, his reign as the most effective reducer of crime in the city came to an end. His little hoard was found. Mostly trinkets and some of it was junk, but it was his. He came back from a hunt and it was all gone and people were waiting for him. The following brawl drew the city guard in and soon he was forced to flee.

Similar events happened in dozens of cities and he wandered from place to place and has since learned to keep moving.

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created on 07-Dec-2010     last edited 17-Dec-2010

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