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Malaginyon Aleanghym

    Drow Pretender — Chaotic Good 
          Created by EyeoftheNyte


Stats / Appearance

Gender Male
Status Single
Alias malaginyon
Gamescape FR Story Forge
Gin's intelligence can be seen in his copper colored eyes, as they appear when in natural light, and is often mistaken for mischievousness. This is not to say that he does not love mischief. Of course as a Drow his skin looks like polished ebony and his hair white like fresh fallen snow. He usually wears nondescript clothing when on the surface and when traversing the treacherous Underdark Gin would wear the magical Piwafwi common to his race.

Always on his person he carries a cloth mask with spiders adorning the rim. With it he passes with his heritage undetected by surface dwellers or features slightly altered so as retain his anonymity in the Underdark. The magical mask of disguise, came to him from his own Matron decades ago and has turned out to be one of his most useful things the diabolical female had ever done for him. With this one can never quite be sure who they are really looking at.


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As most of his race, Malaginyon or Gin as those who know no other name for him label him, is a well honed tool body and mind. Even by the standards of his race Gin was smart, able to see the webs within webs without effort. Even the megalomaniacal matron mother's of the Underdark even noticed him; which, as any who have held such attention can attest to, is not always the best thing for those who wish a long and full life. His intellect allows him to pass, for the most part, as any profession he wishes with little or no training.

Gin's true profession however is as an assassin, but rarely does he perform such tasks, as it tends to draw attention and prevents freedom of movement. So Gin, moves from town to town and from Underdark to surface and back again as the need arises.

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created on 07-June-2009

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