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    Human Prostitute/Rogue — Neutral 
          Created by EyeoftheNyte


Stats / Appearance

Gender Female
Age 20
Status Single
Alias arabelle
Gamescape FR Story Forge
Definitely not a great beauty, but pretty just the same. Auburn hair standing about five and a half feet tall and covered head to toe in skin baked from long hours in the sun. Her eyes a dark blue, that in all but the brightest of places they appeared black. Typically she wears travel worn boots and pants, and only when she can afford it does she purchase a new shirt or vest. The few possessions she does have are carried in a small pack or at her side, like a pair of knives and a small purse of coins, that usually was near empty.
Quotes Sigh, "Grall, that's not a hat!"




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A small farm house with a good portion of field to tend, that is for a mother, father, and single child. They worked hard and sold extra harvest in the markets that were close enough to be worth the trip. On one such trip her father returned to find his fields burning and his wife raped. She, thankfully, had hidden in a secret compartment underneath the floor where the table was. Arabelle was small so she easily fit where the bags of coins and some other valuable were usually stored. The place had that lingering stench that told volumes... orc... they had been the ones who laid waste to his home. He was just lucky that no one had died... though he would come to find out that it may have been better if they did.

It was unfortunate but his wife ended up becoming pregnant, and after she had given birth it was unfortunately a half breed. The much larger, half-orc child killed her and embittered the father. The boy grew quickly and was strong. By the time he was half the age of his half sister when she had started helping around the house, the boy, who was named Grall, was helping in the fields. Over the years as the boy inevitably got bigger and stronger the father had him doing quite an assortment of tasks, many of which were reserved for animals. By the time Arabelle was 15, making Grall 10... a very big 10, their father called him in for supper but tossed his plate out on the porch like some dog. Arabelle was quite angry with him and there was an argument. Her father struck her and Grall had opened the door and seen the blow. He came thudding over and gave the man a couple of quick blows to the face which toppled him as his head shot backwards with a sickening snap. Arabelle didn't even have time to shout "No, Grall!" before the man fell and smacked his head on the corner of the table. He laid still for a long time as Arabelle cried over him and Grall came to stand beside her simply saying, "It ok, he not hurt Bell anymore." he gave a definitive nod and the girl simply looked up and shook her head sadly knowing Grall was such a simpleton and couldn't possibly understand, which he didn't.

They tried to continue life there after burying the father but two youngsters trying to run a farm didn't really work well. So they gathered all the valuables they had loaded up the horse and left. At the nearest town they sold the farm for a good sized purse and moved on before the questions became to telling of why they left. The next town they got a room and stayed for a good number of weeks.

Arabelle had made some 'friends' and ended up becoming a prostitute at the age of 17 to bring in money, while Grall brawled and then took the looser's purse. The crowd they hung around with were predominantly Arabelle's friends who simply liked to make fun of Grall but rarely did so in front of his sister. They all called him Glee, short for Ugly, poor Grall simply thought it because they always seemed to laugh when he was around. Arabelle hated the name and so often told him not to call himself that, and that it wasn't a nice name. Still while they were there they made a living and all the while Grall roughed up some clients or anyone who looked at her oddly. To which she replied, "Grall don't worry I'm not helpless... I have a few tricks still up my sleeve." To which she got the reply, "You not have sleeves...."

But thing weren't to last, one day one of Arabelle's customers got a little violent with her resulting in a few bruises. Grall happened to be coming by to take her to lunch. When Bell saw him approach she tried to get in the way but it was too late, he had seen the bruises, and in a few lumbering strides he caught up with the man and with a swift and decisive motion smashed his face against the side of the building. The man dropped dead right there and Arabelle grabbed Grall's hand and ran. They were able to get the few things they hand and Arabelle dressed in her traveling clothes and they took to the rode until they could find a town to settle in again.

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06 December 2010

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