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    Human — Neutral Good 
          Created by EyeoftheNyte


Stats / Appearance

Gender Male
Age ???
Status No Answer
Alias zephir
Gamescape FR Story Forge
Location Variens
Standing a mere five feet two inches tall and being of a venerable age, the man known only as Zephir, carries himself without a walking stick unless traveling long distances on foot. He stands unstooped unlike most aged persons his age. His skin is etched with deep wrinkles from both deep laughter and deep thought or frustration which make his dark complection and bright slightly almond shaped eyes stand out all the more. Also adorning his face is along neatly trimmed beard that hangs down to his stomach (which due to his short stature isn't too far from his face but not disproportionately so) while the top of his head has long since been barren of any such covering. Typically he travels in robed made of silk in a far eastern style and a small pack on his back with extra clothing and a few other items.
Quotes Random Child "Where did your long beard come from?"
Zephir (coupled with a chipper tone and a well used smile) "Well when I was young I used to have a full head of hair much like yours... but I didn't eat my vegetables and my hair shrunk into my head and began coming out my chin..."
Random child runs off speechless covering their chin screaming for some carrots.


Tidis Poriah Zephir


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Besides being known as a traveling herbalist in many cities, towns, and villages he is also known to those that are close enough to one, Tidus Zephir, having taken his surname in respect to honor his teacher.

As far as origins, not many know the general location let alone where he is truly from or his heritage though some speculate as those who have nothing better to do often do. The rest don't honestly care since his friendly attitude and helpful personality usually take precedence in any interaction with the man.

Journal Entries

No journal entries have been written.
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House Dilysnia
"House Dilysnia is a role-playing community set within a high cultural, fantasy-renaissance period."
03 December 2008

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