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Mortivan Ironforge

    Human — Good 
          Created by EyeoftheNyte


Stats / Appearance

Gender Male
Age 22
Status Single
Alias mortivan_ironforge
Gamescape FR Story Forge
Hair/Eyes: short black / hazel

Distinguishing Features: Besides his short cropped hair, he stands a good bit over 6' tall, nearly touching 7'. His hazel eyes shift in their hue from a yellow-green to a brown. He isn't tattooed, or pierced, but he does have a few scars on his back, chest and arms (which are only seen when he's in his smithy apron); weather they are from his profession or some other altercation isn't known, but he doesn't willingly or often speak of their source.
Additional Information Mortivan's Great Sword - "The Blood Petal"

Mortivan's Warhammer - "Clugdigan"


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His father, Nimian, was a blacksmith as was his before him, so it wasn't anything out of the ordinary for Mortivan to follow in his father's footsteps. It was, however, a surprise when around the age of 16 when he began to display a physical strength beyond that of what the lanky young man by all appearances should have. He also had an exceedingly sharp mind, with which he often infuriated his parents and neighbors with endless streams of questions that none of them seemed to have answers too.

At the age of 21, Mortivan came across his cousin and a young man that everyone assumed would become her husband. The young man, about Mortivan's age, struck his cousin for pushing off his advances and wishing to wait until her parents were informed of his intentions. Mortivan was over there in an instant lifting the young man clean off the ground by the back of his shirt, swinging him over his head to land face down on the ground. Once there he rolled the young man over and gave him a beating that none in the town would ever forget, especially his cousin who watched in horror. By the time Mortivan was finished, his fists bloody and chest heaving from releasing his rage, a crowd had gathered and stared at the scene. Though his cousin explained the situation, though she was visibly shaken by everything, the town wouldn't tolerate Mortivan to stay there. Still none were brave enough to try and shackle him, and when Mortivan came to thank his cousin she pulled away and refused to look at him. From there he went back to his parents home, which was above the blacksmith's shop. His father wouldn't speak to him and his mother was in tears muttering that her baby had become a murderer. So he gathered his tools, a few of the items he had made and packed up a horse and left town.

Mortivan stopped at towns and villages offering his services for a few weeks before he left and moved onto the next one. His road as thus far been relatively easy, though many of the villages tend to have heard of him before he gets to them, not for his previous crime but for his uncommon strength drawing out all the young men and even old men to challenge him. He has won his fair share of coins but is slowly tiring of this path.

Journal Entries

No journal entries have been written.
Group Membership

Group Name Joined on
Shevard Slane
"Shevard Slane is a hardy, middle-sized town upon the Wistren continent of Brapel. The northern regions of this already cold and very stormy planet require a tougher kind of folk like those one will find here. Superstitions, and stories of rumors, are what keep the good people of Shevard Slane entertained for 8 months of winter every year. Most of the roads are still dirt, though cobblestone would be easily obtained. However stone covered in ice is much more hazardous than earth, thus the town looks more rustic than it truly is. From the baker’s to the weapon’s store, you’ll soon find this to be a very up to date place. Once a rare short spring hits every year, there is a massive festival that takes up the entire town, and most on the ‘Leftmost' continent and even some from the others travel just to see it. A word of caution however… This area is not just boring snow and a large extravaganza once a year. Surprisingly for a town of people so accustomed to throwing an all continent fair, you’ll find much fear and doubt towards everything form the ordinary the rest of the year. It’s as if once the festival is over… it’s back to another 11 months of disbelief to anything even slightly strange. Stranger still, most travelers don’t find their way into Shevard Slane, unless they are ordinary humans. If anything, they find their way to the Black Pearl Tavern & Shoppe, which is just a one hour north westerly ride from the town. Even further to the North West, another two hours or so, if one is lucky enough, they will stumble upon Shadder Flaurn. A small little community of witches huddled away in the woods against the mountains. Within just this tiny pocket of the world, there is already much to explore and discover. Who knows what the rest of Brapel may have in store for you and your companions!"
01 April 2007

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created on 29-Mar-2007     last edited 13-Apr-2007

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