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    submitted 29 January 2017 @ 06:08

The dragons stables (a continuation of prelude)

Article written by Baoneko

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Ok well edrik is interesting I'd like to meet this eldrik fellow and meet his dragon I wonder how nightwind is doing
Odin: ah there you went I was wondering how your feeling
Sire what can I expect in the tournament
Odin: well very much brute strength from many a couple like eldrik will use somewhat unconventional tactics but I assume your used to dragon mounted combat
Aye I am speaking of dragons
Odin: your wondering about nightwind have you visited the stables I think you will find her with good company and I think you will find good company in eldrik he is usually in the stable with his dragon i may suggest you both go for a flight as you seem a bit nervous
Yes i going up against the greatest warriors and I'm slightly overwhelmed
Odin: go and visit with eldrik and ride for a bit
Thank you sire

The stables were fairly simple wood and nail as I entered I hear a slight purr from the near stable as I approach nightwind nudges me as a voice behind me is that yours or you taking care of that magnificent mount
She's mine sir if I had known she came with me I'd be out here more often
Man: I never knew that valkyries could have dragons especially a wardragon based on her size that is
She is a warbreed her namesake is her breed
Man: really I have never seen a dragon of her kind
She's the last of her kind the only nightwind as far as I know you must be eldrik
Eldrik: I am and you are
I'm myrkvoir but moriko may be easier
Eldrik: well I will let you know that nightwind has been well taken care of shall we fly
I'd be honored
Eldrik: do you have your gear
Yes in my room I will be back in a few

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