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    submitted 29 January 2017 @ 03:38
    edited 29 January 2017 @ 03:39

Violets slaver base raid report

Article written by Baoneko
Rating: Superb! (5) (5 rating, 1 ratings)

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I was ulltimately able to track down the slave vessel that escaped in the initial enounter it is docked in a fartehr region from our current position seemed like they converted an old waystation to a slave base of operations they also had a miniature nightwind dragon which really excited me as the nightwind dragons are used ny the miyammamoto clan so that being said i had an instant ally in this rather unknown attack I would have waited but a prime oppertunity arose and I knew that this was the only way to shut down their operation at least in ths lagmostre region my first goal was to get the dragon second get rid of the slaversby any means possible and third set the slaves up to properly man the station the first goal wentvpretty smoothe however I was discoverd by one of the slavers and had it not been for the dragon I probaly would be in chains , the dragon let out the most intimidating raor it spunded like the full size nightwind roar as it burst from its cage and ultimately stood right in front of me protecting me and making sevetal run for the ships the captain that jupy ultimately faced was a bit more difficult however the cobination of attacks from me and the dragon nearly killed him unfortunately I was hit and knocked out by a weighted whip however this act only infuriated a few of the slaves that were held there and rushed the captain and his crew giving me and the dragon time to recouperate and the last thing I remeber before passing out from loss of blood due to the whip strike was the captains ship fleeing the area it was a few days later that I came too in a very cozy and rather comfotable mini nest on a table built inside one of the medical bay pillows, definately made by my new dragon companion who happened to be curled up around me i have been told that he kept gaurd while I was out and found that tge slaves had replaced the mark of the slavers with that of thier own making which odcly looked like me and my dragon a cat fae encircled by a gaurding dragon with their tribal symbols behind and I was informed that the symbol has two meanings one that we are their gardians and second that they will have our backs.
The best news is that they took up command of the base and with some minor training from me they have not only restored the station but can actually aid travelors in every way possible and will ultimately command it as it was ment to be as a waystation oh did I mention they upgraded the defenses on it without my help and while I was passed out the med staff can only provide basic first aid and field service when I return to the newluck I will see if theier are some ais that can provide full medical training in the archives
End Of Report

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