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    submitted 22 January 2017 @ 07:37
    edited 22 January 2017 @ 07:42

Underwater temple report by yavanna status green

Article written by Baoneko

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Underwater biome is green i was able to speak with a couple of water nymphs and they pointed me to the templecwhere Ivwas greeted by a verybold undine who I assume is the high priest of the temple as I came to the gate anotjer undine took me inside and dressed the burns from the slave anchors and they mentioned that the central temple is in sad shape due to one oblisk being inactive and they haven't found it and they do fear for the cait sith as they haven't seen any for many years which segwayed perfectly into my rescue by a cait sith and they wish to meether and if shecd be willing to search the desert which I told them that violet was allready doing so after a time I returned to the surface
End of report

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