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    submitted 03 January 2017 @ 20:46

Lagwire location report by violet, annotated by yavanna

Article written by Baoneko

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I searched through the old ones archives compiling a possible map of locations crossrefernced with mythos and reports of lagmostre, mostly confirmed by yavaana fellow chaser and fairy. Our current position is above the central temple complex in the center is the biggest temple tge temple of acension as I have called it to the southwest a deep body of water as my chaser pod's scanners indicate, to tbe south east is a brutal desert likely connected with my spieces and a temple there shows cait sith marking as confirmed by yavanna no other locations can be found from current position, however a large complex structure is in a sector to the northeast and a large biochemical reading is to the south east could be anything, from a forest to a mass burial site other places are blocked by the stagnate magic surounding the central temple i have reason to believe theat an object centered in the temple complex is the cause. yavanna is going to check out the body of water to survey the status of the aquatic ecosystem and I will head to the second confirmed temple and asses the conditions there should take a day each given that I will have to fly yavanna down to the coast as winging down would exceed our flight endurance

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