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    submitted 16 September 2013 @ 05:54

Wahlinvale, The Serpent Sea and Surrounding Land [WIP]

Article written by EyeoftheNyte

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The Serpent Sea, completely embraced by two arches of land that arch out into the ocean to isolate and lay claim to this section of water. The two arms, North and South Arm, are entirely mountainous and all but impassible creating a great natural barrier from the more harsh torrents the open ocean has to offer. The only chink in the armor is a narrow corridor which separates the North Arm from the South Arm. The mountains of each arm stretch out north-west and south-west respectively before curling back toward each other at the Nihlar River.

The sea itself drops off suddenly once past the gap, and in times past the waters have been know to be the homes to great sea serpents of legend. These blue-black depths are also the graves to many a ship that has been sunk in battle or the infamous winter storms. Moving westward, the first of three islands can be seen. The other two islands dot the waters back to a small peninsula that barely pokes out from the mainland. The waters are considerably more shallow along the mainland and out to the western side of the third island. the next tier of water depth is split into two crescents and touches the north and south sides of the third island. The third level curls around the east of the third island connecting what would otherwise be a second set of crescents. This third level gives way to the depths of the Serpent Sea.

The peninsula that juts out into the sea aiming to reach the islands that continue into the waters, is where the city of Wahlinvale, capital of the Whal Kingdom can be found.

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