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    submitted 29 July 2010 @ 11:43
    edited 29 July 2010 @ 12:12

Make 'em Real

Article written by Brennon
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When a player creates a character, they have the oppertunity to delve into their own imagination to create an individual that is both fun to play, and in many ways fantastic. A true hero, who on some level displays the best, or in the case of villians, worst side of ourselves. Whether a player creates a fighter, a wizard, a rogue, or perhaps a diabloical warlord bend on complete world conquest, it is no question that they can be very enjoyable to both create, and play.

All to often, however, many players create a character that is all together too good, and near god like. The funny part about this, is that in many of these cases the player was not intending to create a god character. And it is easy to see how this happenes. A player decides a that this trait, and that trait will work, and they need to be this strength and that dexterity; have that feat, or that magic spell, and this weapon, and, well, you get the idea. In the game world, these characters are called munchkins.

When a player creates a character, it is a given that a Player Character or PC for short will be vastly superior than the NPC in a villiage or city. In many ways a player charcter is a superhero. All in all when it is done, a player has created a character that is more fit to acsend to the ranks of demi-deity, than to play. The one thing that we all have to remember when playing a character is to keep the character, while in many ways fantastic, and unless you are creating a god, also has to be real.

But, what does it mean that a character should be real? Well, it means exactly that, if the character a player creates somehow actually exists, they would not only have their own set of valuable skills, but they will also have their own set of flaws as well. Everybody, myself included has a number of vices, and temptations, and feelings, and hurts, and joys. Now I'm not trying to be sentimental with this, but adding aspects to your such as these to your characters can make them seem a little more complex, and 3-dimentional. What does your character hate? What do they not know how to do well? Are they afraid of hieghts? Are they scared of a certain form of monster? Are they afraid of a commited relationship? Are they untrustworthy? There are many aspects of a character one can think up, and the best way to play these up is not to think they up right at the start, (you'd be spending a lifetime attempting to do this), as your character get's themselves into certain situations ask yourself, "what would I do in this situation?" Now, granted that your character may not be much like you, they are, to a certain exctent a part of you, and being able to answer this question honestly yourself will set you well on your way in being able to write a character that has as much depth, as a real person. I remember one of the most enjoyable characters I ever had the privilage of playing, was blind. He was a play on the cliched, yet very fun blind samurai. (Remember, just because it's cliche, doesn't mean that you can't have fun from time to time with that arch-type!)

Another area which can help create a 3-dimentional character is in combat. Just like real life, not everyone is Jackie Chan, (even he takes hits from time to time). All too often a character ends up in a fight, and either takes no hits, or has two hundred mortal combat like finishing moves, that always work, killing everyone in play fifteen times before they realize that they have even taken the first hit, while the attacker has already sheathed his weapon and is walking away like Jūbē Ninpūchō from Ninja Scroll... Seriously?

Take hits. Get wounded. Realize when you're outnumbered. RUN if need be. Conceed if another player character is better than yours. And you know what? Even if they aren't, it will for make some interesting roleplay to downplay your character a little.

So, in conclusion, have fun in creating your characters make them fantastic, but make them real, leave the gods to thier own devices. You may be a hero, but don't always try to be the hero.

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