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    submitted 09 December 2009 @ 15:36
    edited 03 March 2010 @ 21:45

What is a Archdrow

Article written by lavender1982
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What is an Archdrow, well they are very rare subtype of Drow who are born with unusual abilities and they can be alot stronger and faster then a typical Drow, and once they have matured into their abilities, they are incredibly hard to kill. However, unfortunately because of the hursh childhood Drow face, many of them are killed due to their differences in body and also in mind, which aren't tolerated by the strict racial standards of Drow society.

Many Archdrow out of ninety births die of starvation, but the few who didn't die from starvation become mentally and physically abused, and even fewer were able to survive their long tortuous years of abuse to escape and plot their revenge as they slowly recover from those tortuous years of abuse through training and learning the skills and gaining the knowedge that they were never taughten during those long tortuous years of abuse, and learning how to use their unusual abilities that they where born with against those who had abused them and to survive the world around them.

Many Archdrow had became bitter loners for the rest of their lives avoiding people and settlements living alone deep within the wilds where they feel much safer with no one around to hurt them surviving on anytype of food they find within the wilds.

There are very few Archdrow have been raised safe from abuse by there father or mother who had been outcasted by other Drow just because their son or daugther was born a Archdrow and even fewer have been turned into a Drider and left out in the wilds with their Archdrow son or daugther where it is much harder to raise a child alone.

One out of many Archdrow are capable of becoming a new Drow God or Goddess, but the Drow Goddess Lloth won't allow one such Archdrow to become a new Drow God or Goddess to the point that when ever time she learns about a Archdrow that is about to become a new Drow God or Goddess, Lloth will have them killed before they could ever get the chance to be come a new Drow God or Goddess, but one has been saved from Lloth's wrath and is yet to reveal him-self as a new type of a Drow God.

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