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    submitted 10 March 2005 @ 04:56
    edited 01 February 2007 @ 11:10

Forum Posting Guide

Article written by The Silverlord
Rating: Superb! (5) (5 rating, 331 ratings)

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In the body text area, drag your mouse cursor over the text you want to change then click the relevant button on the format toolbar. The tags will be inserted at the beginning and end of the selection.

Article Image [B]This text will be emboldened[/B]

Article Image [I]This text will be italicized[/I]

Article Image [U]This text will be underlined[/U]

Article Image [S]This text will be striked-through[/S]

Article Image [SPOILER]This text will be hidden as spoiler text[/SPOILER]

Article Image [QUOTE]This text will be indented as a quote[/QUOTE]

When viewing forum posts, click the Article Image button to reply and transport the message intact for quoting.
*Quotes within quotes are not possible at present

In the body text area, click your cursor at the insertion point for the following tags. The tag will be inserted at the carat position.

Article Image [HR] Inserts a horizontal rule

Article Image [BREAK] Inserts a formal break with * * * * *

Place directly between two parapgraphs for best effect

This is paragraph 1 ...
This is paragraph 2 ...

Article Image Polls

There are two types of poll you can submit. The first is very like the site polls, where you specify a list of items and let the user select one from the list. The second poll is more advanced, and here you specify a list and let the user choose over a variety (up to 4) categories.

Poll Type 1, Open Poll

To insert a poll, use [poll] and [/poll] as start and end tags. Between the tags, simply list the items up for voting. Please separate these with a semi-colon (;). Note you cannot add more than one poll to a post. Trying to do so will simply replicate the last poll in your post. To get around this, create a new post for each poll you require.

Here's an example worked poll:

Which is the best action-adventure gaming series?

[poll]Legend of Zelda;Final Fantasy;[poll]

When adding items later, add them to the end of the string. Then current votes will not be affected. You can have a maximum 10 items in a poll. There is no restriction on length of each item:

[poll]Legend of Zelda;Final Fantasy;Breath of Fire;[poll]

To remove an item from voting, simply blank out the item. To remove Final Fantasy for example:

[poll]Legend of Zelda;;Breath of Fire;[poll]

This way, votes for existing items remain unaffected. If you later decided to re-instate Final Fantasy, this is possible, just re-type the item name.

To completely remove a poll, simply remove the poll tags. To reset it, you need to delete the post and repost.

Poll Type 2, Category Poll

These are more powerful polls and allow you to introduce a variety of categories. For example you could have the above listing of games, and allow the user to pick the best for Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, Overall. Here's the basic format:

[poll]Legend of Zelda ; Final Fantasy ; Breath of Fire;| Graphics ; Sound ; Gameplay ; Overall;[/poll]

Let's break that down--as normal we have the listing of items separated by semi-colon (;). Notice the pipe (|) symbol. This is what tells the forum that we have reached the end of the item list and are now onto the categories. After the pipe symbol, list the categories, again separated by semi-colon. Remember to close the [/poll] tag.

Article Image Hyperlinks



Article Image Images


Inserted Image Text will appear to the right of the image, and will effectively wrap around it. There are no other options yet.

Article Image Bulleted Lists

In the body text area, click the position where you want to insert the list, and click the button on the tool bar. A line shall post like this:

[list][*] [/*][*] [/*][*] [/*][/list]

Fill in your list items between [*] and [/*], for example:


This will produce:

There are two other types of list: numbered and lettered. Simply specify the type:


For example:


This will produce:

Font Face and Colour

In the body text area, drag your mouse cursor over the text you want to change then make the selection from the drop down listings.

Font Sizes

Again, in the body text area, drag your mouse cursor over the text you want to change then make the selection of size from the dropdown list. Size 3 is normal size. Size 5 is the same type as the titles used by the site. Sizes are thus:

[SIZE=1]This is size 1[/SIZE]
This is size 1

[SIZE=2]This is size 2[/SIZE]
This is size 2

[SIZE=3This is size 3[/SIZE]
This is size 3

[SIZE=4]This is size 4[/SIZE]
This is size 4

[SIZE=5]This is size 5[/SIZE]
This is size 5

[SIZE=6]This is size 6[/SIZE]
This is size 6

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