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    submitted 28 February 2005 @ 19:23
    edited 03 May 2016 @ 16:05

Objects Tutorial

Article written by Jack Morris
Rating: Enjoyable (3.5) (3.5 rating, 2 ratings)

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Table of Contents:
1. Where are the stores?

2. What are my purchasing options? (Direct Purchasing/Barter)

3. Creating Objects with your own Store!

4. How to create a slave object?

5. How to create a skill/ability? (Under
Development, Skills Tab not added yet.)

6. How do I create a temporary object such as a beer? (Under
Development, May Change)

7. How can I ask customers to pay their tab from a chat session?
(Under Development, May Change)

Possible Additions:
How can I create an auction for my object?

Using the new integrated FR/Objects System you can buy objects quickly from
Stores with your characters.

1. Where are the stores? (Back to top)
To veiw the Store Listing, click on Gaming/Contents/Game Content/Store Listing
This will bring up a list of stores in different categories, their names and
the group of their origin. (Keep in mind some groups may have stores not listed
here only available if you become a member of that group.)

2. What are my purchasing options? (Back to top)
There are two methods available to purchase objects from any store. Direct Purchase
and Barter.

A. Direct Purchase - Using this purchasing type you
will be able to purchase items one at a time by simply clicking on your character
name from the Character List, determining the qty you wish to purchase and then
clicking on purchase. You are now all done, the object is moved into your characters
inventory and the item qty is removed from the store. It's quick and easy. The
amount of direct purchasing currency is listed next to your character name.
Everyday you visit the site you will receive a small amount of this currency
and when you create your character you can set it's wealth rating to start out
with some money.

B. Barter - This option allows you to create a shopping
basket of objects you wish to purchase from a store and then check out at a
later time.

When you check out you will be able to offer objects in your inventory in exhchange
for the objects you wish to purchase. Gold Coins and other currency objects
in your inventory may be used... though you may just want to not offer anything
for what you wish to purchase.

Using this purchasing option you will have a Haggle Comments box to speak with
the owner of the store. This can be used in several ways.

1. thank the idividual that has created an object or make a comment.
2. make an attempt at theft or robbery.
3. collect taxes or extortion.
4. pick-up items with a servant or employee for a employer or master.
5. haggle for a better price.
6. be silly and act out a scene.
7. ask for a particular object you don't see in the inventory of the store
8. use of an object at that store, such as drinking a beer, eating a meal ect.
9. seek a loan
10. get payment for services rendered
11. sell items in your inventory to the store (with personalized descriptions
12.inspecting an item to get more detail about it's uses

Essentially the possibilities are endless. To a certain extent it is like message
board rping yet with the result that the item does appear in your inventory.
In some cases you may be reffered to a message board in order to allow for more
extensive rp before final purchase.

Furthermore both you and the owner or moderator of the store can end the transaction
at any time. Groups may come up with their own rules for rp in stores.

A transcript of these rp's will appear in the groups transactions
board titled by the transaction number and organized by type. Transaction may
also reference by a link to a rpg chat transcript on the site, with the participation
of all the rpers involved in such a session. Each transaction seperated by the

3. Creating Objects with your own Store!
(Back to top)

In order to start creating objects yourself you will need to create a group.
Before you do so take into account the amount of time, effort and help you may
have in putting together your group. The best of groups are indeed two or three
rpers who already rp together on a regular basis. With such help you will be
able to build your group and much more quickly get the most out of FR group
services. If you do not have the time to create a group by yourself you're second
best bet is to join a group who will create the store for you, or make you a
moderator of their group in order to create the store yourself.

To create a group.(Click on Contents/My Member Options/ or yourname {options}
on the player Level status then click Gaming Group Maintenance)Fill out all
relevant information.Don't be afraid to leave these blank but remember you can
use the Authroisation Status to hide group pages and forums until you think
they are ready to be open to the public or group members.

Alright you've created your group and are ready to create some objects. Before
you can do so, you'll need to create a store to house those objects. Click on
the option "Merchant Stores" on the Gaming Group Maintenance page, this will
bring you to the Group Merchant Stores page. At the bottom of the page you'll
see a drop down for "edit existing store"

For each store you create you'll receive 50 points of site expereince. Now before
you create a thousand stores consider how many objects you have to create and
what type of items you will be putting in each store.

A good self-discipling rule before creating another store would be asking yourself
the question "Do I really need another store?" You may not come up with the
same answers we would so feel free to answer it in your own way.

One possible answer however is, "my group or store represents a village... I
would like a blacksmiths, tailor, butcher ect. store". That makes perfect sense...
here's a trick, when you create objects you can create custom categories those
objects fall under. So instead of creating fifty stores when you start out,
it might be smart to simply create one store called "Village Mine" write a description
of the store in the store description box, adjust the store category drop down
box, sellect the type of currency you wish to use in your group, then finally
select which if any players you wish to have access to creating more objects
in your store.

Now your next option is "Allow Purchasing by barter" we'll get into that in
more depth later in this tutorial. We suggest until you read that following
text to turn it off, setting it to "No bartering Allowed".

Your last option here is "Show Store in Listing?" Set this to "Do not display"
until you feel comfortable in opening the store to every visitor and member
of the site.

Click Create new store and you're done, you've created your store. The page
refreshes and you are faced with the same page with all the information filled
in. Edit existing store now says "yourstore". Just below this is the line "You
can add/edit items for your store here: Store Item Maintenance.

Click on Store Item Maintenance. Now you've got a list of options for you're
recently created store and the ability to jump amongst your stores and those
perhaps other groups have given you access to with the selected store drop down

View Store - This will show you the store as customers and visitors see it.

Create new item - This option brings up a page allowing you to fill in:

Name - name of the object you wish to create, don't be afraid to give objects
the same name, this won't cause a problem. However do not use quotes in the object name as this will cause problems. Do not use ' single quote mark or " in the name.

Store Description - A description of your object. Keep in mind that exxcessively
long descriptions when they appear in the characters inventory take up a lot
of space. To bypass this issue and still get in your long description, you may
wish to put a hyperlink to a more detailed description on your group pages.
To do this click on edit gaming group/content definition create a new page with
your detailed description and place here more hyperlinks to other resources
either on your pages that may be relevant or to other websites with more information.
Not everyone will want to go to this extreme, however know that you can if you
wish to. A simple More Info ( with ' single
quote marks and not " double quote marks) Furthermore using this option in a
group page that gets into more detail you can use your group's gallery as a
place to upload and store more pictures of that same object at larger sizes.

Beside the Store description box is (not character possesion description). What
does this mean? Well when a player buys this object from the store they have
the ability to personalize it's description. With this in mind you might want
to put up several objects with an exceptionally breif description such as Rock:
A rock. The player after purchasing it may decide to make it some sort of rp
artifact or an item of special personal significance. It's really a great feature.
It also means you can take it easy a bit and simply get up a bunch of objects
for people to purchase just for that reason.

Current Picture Image - The number of the picture, after upload. If you want
create several objects with the same picture yet different descriptions. Reference
this number and type or paste it in when creating the object rather then uploading
the picture several times. Keep in mind that you should not use pictures put
up by other groups or stores without their permission.

Cost - How much you think your object should cost, a currency type drop down
box is beside it

Picture Image - Here you can upload your image from your hard drive, certain
site moderators out there are willing to work images so they display properly
if you are having problems. For best results the image size should be 200 x
200 pixels or in the least square so it displays properly on the character inventory
pages. If not square the image will appear distorted.. Again if you would like
help working an image, put it up in your groups gallery and mention it in a

Alright we've finally made it down to shop options.

Stock Quantity - Leave blank for infinity, fill in with a number to specify
a limited stock. A general rp rule you might consider is that objects of great
value/cost are usually rare. You may of course decide this is not true for considerations
of your particular group. For instance finding a dollar bill on a mideival world
may be rare, yet if that midevil world has in it's history had some sort of
event to bring those dollar bills there, then it makes perfect sense. That's
the fun of rp and creating objects.

Category - As mentioned above, use your creativity to figure out the best way
to use this for your store. Examples of this are sub stores within your store,
such as Blacksmiths, Tailors, ect. In a store called village mine. Someday maybe
someone will create a modern mall, maybe they'll forget to put costs on their
objects.. that would be nice.

Show this item in the shop above? - The option allows you hide and show your
object in your store, effecitively taking it off the shelves. Kinda like a recall.
Though you may want to use it if you've got to jump offline and can't finish
the object creation at the momment. Just set this to no and add the item and
hop off. You can add the object and make it live later.

Click on add item and you've created your first object. If for some reason you'd
like to edit it later it will always be there for you to do so.

4. How to create a slave object?(Back to

If you are asking this question then what you really want to know is how can
I create a slave character which can be sold in a store. The answer here is
pretty simple the repurcussions are not.

Use a breif description from your character profile and use a hyperlink in the
object description to the character profile. There you go all done. Slave's
Just fill in your character profile Id and that url will work. Then
put a link to the object in your character profile is
a slave.
Just fill in the store id and object id.

If anyone is found to be creating a slave object without the player of that
characters permission they will find themselves in hot water. Boiling water,
for they will be over a fire and in the water will be herbs selected by the
individual who has been wronged. Site Administrators take this issue very personally.
An individual conducting such may be banned from the site, their store closed
permanently, and any and every repurcussion of horror shall be inflicted upon

It will also be easy to tell as only the player of the character can put the
link into their character profile. It is suggested that only a person owning
a slave character should create such an object, or the player of such a character
should be made a moderator of the store, so that if a year later the player
of a slave character whom has moved on can delete the slave object from the
store. This object should be set as "do not allow" in the "Allow players to
personalize this object" option. So that it's deletion will in fact remove the
slave object from character inventory.

The ability to create slave objects is a priveliege that may be taken away at
a mere whim if used irresponsibally. Or there is the slightest indication that
a player may not use it responsibly. In purpose it is a means to enhance the
role-playing experience and nothing more. will eagerly co-operate
with all local authorities, anti-slavery organizations and researchers looking
to study the Slave Auction phenomena in RPG Chat. We encourage phsychitrists,
poets and journalists to become fantasyrole members and will extend complete
site access to such individuals with the proper credentials.

5. How to create a skill/ability? (Back
to top)

There is only one thing in particular you need do when creating a skill/ability
to have it appear in the skills tab of a character
profile once purchased. This is to set the object special drop down menu to

Of note when creating skills/abilities you will want to note in the description
what this skill gives the character the ability to do. Be specific, for instance
a generic reading/writing skill which has a description of "The owner of
this skill can read and write." does not specify what language or writing
style the character can read or write in. It does not make common sense to say
that the character can read/write in a thousand languages with this skill.

Specifying "Manchurian Dialect" as the name of the skill object and
a description that specifies that the owner of this skill can read and write
in the Manchurian dialect of 1200 BC China in the region of, parralel world
# ect of where this skill will work is of a greater value to the character.

Skills can be either Item Based or Non-Item based for example:

Item Based - Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees, Rings, Tattoos, Brandings
Non-Item Based - Gem-Cutting, Hunting, Battle Sword, Pick-Pocketing

Another method for your consideration is creating skill/ability objects merely
for members of your group only. When you do this you may want to decide what
possessing these skills/abilities means in your group. For instance do you want
to specify the top level of this ability for races, if so it's up to you to
decide how skills work in your group and create the documentation neccesary
for the players who join your group.

6. How do I create a temporary object such as a beer?
(Back to top)
To create a temporary object such as a beer goto the object
special drop down menu and select Temporary. The object may or may not be transferred
to the character's inventory upon purchase. Types of temporary items would include
food, beverages, potions ect. Set the time limit of the object from Used, 1
hour, 1 day, 1 Week, Until Used. Then in the info box type in the description
to be displayed once the object is used. Automatically the date/time will appear
in a Notes area of the journal tab. Such as: On 06/05/05 at 4:56pm "I drank
one glass of "This Object" from the "This Store".

7. How can I ask customers to pay their tab from a chat
(Back to top)
Goto the Keep Tabs page of store maintenance, start a
new tab, selecting the character from your group who's tab this will be. From
the store inventory select the items already on this person's tab, the total
amount of currency is added up for this portion of the days tab, to adjust the
currency for this character enter the amount of total currency required by this
player in the Total feild. If you leave this blank it will remain as the total
currency displayed. This feature allows you to offer discounts ect. The tab
will be saved and the items on this date will be stored in a group according
to the date, when you add more items to the tab it will create another group
of items. Hit Save Tab to store the tab for later additions. When you save your
tab it will remove the quantity of your objects from the store inventory. Hit
Collect Tab to send a site pm to the player of the character to let them know
they have an outstanding debt to pay, this they may do thru the barter system
or thru direct payout of currency. In the barter page there is a dropdown option
to pay Tab, this will list the amount of currency required to pay off the debt
to the store. When the transaction is complete and all haggling is done the
tab will be listed as Paid in the Keep Tabs page.

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