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    submitted 06 March 2008 @ 23:30

Character Definition

Article written by Raeyn Mafarre
Rating: Excellent (4.5) (4.5 rating, 5 ratings)

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Character definition is probably the most important aspect of RP, and yet it goes ignored far too often by people who are new to it. The things that make your character unique are the same things that will make them fun to adventure with, battle against, or knock back a tankard at the local inn with. When making a new character, take some time to really think about what things would make them stand out in a crowd.

Physical descriptions are a good place to start. If your character has any unusual physical traits, be sure to include them in their profile. Don't ignore the mundane details, either. Try to make your character's appearance memorable, whether you do this by simply detailing it in a way that creates a really strong image in people's minds, or by making it outlandish. Think carefully about their preferred style of dress, and make some reference to it somewhere. Sometimes, you can create a great roleplay hook simply by walking into a group of other characters that know you dressed in a way that differs from your normal style.

The next thing to think about is your character's personality. Not just the day to day things that anyone spending a few minutes in their company would notice, either. I mean their strongest desires, their deepest motives, their most potent fears, and their oddest quirks. What makes your character tick? How does s/he view the world? Let's say your character was confronted with a powerful evil entity... would your character whip out a weapon, ready a spell, run for the hills, look at it curiously, or try to bargain with it for some unholy end?

Imagine your character in the same sorts of situations that we all face, both in our real lives, and in our RP. Does your character like crowds, or small groups? Or perhaps s/he is more of a loner. Does s/he have a job? If so, how does your character get along with their coworkers? Is the job something they do because they feel passionate about their work, something they do because they like the money, or something they do because they skimped on their education and therefore CAN'T do what they really want to do?

What about favorite foods? Favorite colors? Does your character like music, or dance? What kinds? All of these little details really help to paint a picture of your character that will make them stand out, and give them a life of their own... which is, after all, one of the goals of roleplay, isn't it? Sometimes, during roleplay, you will find new facets of a character coming to light. If you do, don't be surprised! Make a note of it, and think about it later. What made your character think/say/act what they did in that specific situation? Once you've determined that, try to expand on it.

I hope that people find this article useful. Many of us, of course, are already very familiar with these concepts, but sometimes having them stated in so many words can help us to really focus on them, and maybe even apply them in new ways or to a greater depth than we have before. If you feel like it, and have the time, feel free to leave a comment. Like any writer, I love feedback, even if it's to say that you thought the piece was dry, boring, and uninformative. :)

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