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    submitted 19 September 2007 @ 09:50

Geting to Know Players

Article written by Alkar and Lani
Rating: Excellent (4.5) (4.5 rating, 4 ratings)

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Have you ever just met someone in a roleplay forum and just started chatting? Did they ever just started a roleplay without even knowing the charecter?

It would be wise to get to know both the charecter and the player first. I, in six years of roleplaying, have only been here on FR for just a short time. The community here is awesome. That is one key, getting ot see the community as a whole. Chances are that if it is an awesome community, there are bound to be people here who are good and with good charecters.

Second, once you run into a player, get to talking with them through private messages. It is a good chance to see their profile and charecters. They may have good charecters or they may be just beginners. If you can help someone out, that is awesome. If someone can help you out, more power there.

Once you have seen what the player has to offer, exchange messengers and set up a time convienent for BOTH of you. That last thing is important. If one person is online and your not, the roleplay won't get off the ground. Get a chance to meet and set up a plot, exchange charecter info and just have a god time.

That is the last thing and the most imporatnt, having fun. It is a drag when the roleplay gets boring, but there are little ways of making the experience fun. Getting a small group or even just three people is awesome. Taking a few breaks and just goofing is pretty awesome too. In the times where I had a small group, it is wise to take at least 2 breaks in between your storyline. That way restlessness won't start to setlle among everyone.

Well, I hope that I have helped out at least one person in making their roleplay experience a little easier.

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