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    submitted 27 December 2004 @ 19:43

Some RP Conventions

Article written by Jack Morris
Rating: Enjoyable (3.5) (3.5 rating, 5 ratings)

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1. Multiple Characters
When you are rping and either gming or rping multiple characters the enviroment, monsters or simply not merely just your own character their are a multitude of ways to express this.

Method A
The first way you can do this is simply to allow the other players to figure out which of the various chars ect you are speaking for in the text.

The throng of villagers (NPC Crowd) cry out "hang em" admists their cries for retribution against the travelling salesman who sold them snake oil. Sir John (NPC char) standing next to Max (player A) turns to whisper to him, "I think your freind is going to meet the rope, unless you come up with something fast!" A cloud of sand and dust is blown up by a strong gust of wind, which carries also in it's payload a sinister looking tumbleweed across the gallows. It's motion somehow spelling out the eagerness of the crowd for bloodshed.(Enviroment) Several indivduals (Npc batmen) of the crowd seem to have retreived lengths of wood, resembling bats. Which may signify that they wish to play pinata with the corpse. Though assuredly there is no candy inside.

In the above post, the individual has rped the Crowd, Sir John, the wind, technically a tumbleweed and the batmen. Specifically however the only character interaction has been with Max (Player A)

Method B
The first method works just fine when you are dealing with a small number of characters, yet when some characters are in different places.. it might be handy to help the players differentiate quickly and easily if the post is reffering to them. Or in the case when a player has their main character and several npc's that are in different places. Using this sort of convention one can isolate the posts while cleaning transcripts and either remove the screen name so it reads as as stand-alone paragraph, or modify it in some fashion. For instance sorting by sn one can change all the npc/gm posts over to a standard gm sn and keep one's main character at the same or a shortened sn.

ape_knight: /Hall GM The lock emitts a click and spits out a gaseous cloud of noxious gas into his face. It smells of sulphur and will likely burn and melt any flesh or clothing it comes in contact with. In size it is about 4ft and because the air is so thin in the hall any movement will likely draw the cloud towards him. (Here ape_knight is npc'ing the lock)

ape_knight: /Cellar The contents of the basket are listed as follows; 1) rotten orange covered in green fungus, 3) oily covered marbles, 1) loaf of rotted bread covered in black fungus, 2) moldy covered cloth napkins and 1) pristine looking golden ring set with a large emerald bearing the crest of Apevion which has a little string attached to it that connects with a strip of paper underneath the napkins that reads "Whomever may find this ring is cursed until the day they return it to Lord Simian of Apevion or his heir". Upon finding this ring she may find herself with a need to eat pigeon brains, skip and jump, and pick wildflowers. (Here ape_knight is filling in the contents of the basket.)

ape_knight: /Preist Screams as the fist of Yuri is raised. A yellow blotch appearing in his lower vestments as he wets himself in utter complete fear. The many rings on his fingers glow brightly in their array of coloured stone perhaps meaning that is fear has triggered something in their magical properties. Yet his voice pleads quickly in the short amount of time before that fist may connect with his nose, "Please don't hurt...". He does not have enough time to finish the sentence. (This would be ape_knights npc preist)

ape_knight: Getting bored watching the theif working on the lock he goes downstairs to join Bezlie in the Cellar. His metal armor clanking with his movements. He is still wary that any momment more guards or preists will swarm in upon them, yet to some extent he hopes that will happen. (This would be ape_knights main char)

It's a very simple convention however it will allow the other players to discern if they should pay attention to this post or continue writing or thinking up their next post.

2. Waiting for the other person to post...

You've written your post and are waiting for the other person to respond, the room is lagging and nothing else is happening. You are getting bored. What do you do? Well you could think a momment about where the rp is going and try to come up with something to enhance it. Or one very handy trick is to notice the other people rping around you. Such as...

Standing there with the sunlight at his back he is silouhetted like some holy being. The light glints off the edges of his armor, while his face looks dark and full of shadows. To a certain extent he blocks the light from the tunnel above. Seeing the workmen and his freind Lucas below he calls out "Luke I need some more diamond dust."

(Meanwhile Lucas is writing up a hell of a post about what the work men are doing, and his own actions in a single post. So Dominic waits, and waits and waits. Lucas goes off to the bathroom away from keyboard, and Dominic is still waiting. What could happen instead is this..)

Smelling the dust brought up from the dwarven miners below brought back a sense of nostalgia to Dominic. He could remember how when he was a boy his father would take him on his tours of the mine. The smell of the many candles, the happy noises of the chippering birds used to sniff out gases. His father would pat his head and say "Some day son all this you'll be watching over, so keep your eyes open and ask questions" He had nodded and smiled up at his father on those days. Yet neither his father nor he had ever expected the demons to arrive and enslave their community. Sure he was the Mine warden know that his father had passed, yet he knew he was not free and that they were all slaves. He hated the demons, yet his father and told him to wait and do everything he could to save the lives of the miners until they day they would have their chance. Now the demons wanted more diamond dust and if they did not get it there would be hell to pay. They needed a hero.

(By this time likely Lucas has returned from the bathroom and finished his post on the way the miners are working under his orders. Lucas has heightened the rp to a new level, adding that which He and Lucas had discussed previously about moving the rp forward. He has also set the stage for someone else who has just come online and wants to join the rp.)

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