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    submitted 27 December 2004 @ 19:38

Yahoo Chat Room (Public/Private) vs. Yahoo Conf

Article written by Jack Morris
Rating: Enjoyable (3.5) (3.5 rating, 5 ratings)

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A. Public Chat
With a public chat room you get the advantage of new players learning about your group's existence, yet the disadvantage is that people trolling will hinder your rp with "out of character" nonsense, not all of which will be in thought bubbles. This means that if you attempt to clean the transcript and remove ooc by finding thought bubbles you may be stuck doing a line by line edit which takes hours instead of minutes. Also public chat rooms will only hold a certain amount of text before they start cutting off the top of the transcript. So you will have to save periodically to ensure to have a healthy transcript. However the biggest drawback here is people coming and going, screen clutter that makes following a rp difficult.

B. Private Chat
Private chat has the same drawback of overflow text being lost, however with less screen clutter you may not reach it, unless you and your other players are prolific. It has the advantage of being private so people you do not want to join cannot enter the room. However this is not exactly true in every sense. Any player you invite to the private room can invite others to the private room, and if someone has any of those players on /follow screen_name then they are going to slide in as well. Actually the /follow ability is one method to get a player who is having troubles getting into the room in.

You or one of the other players can perform a "pickup" by doing /goto screen_name where the player having trouble can then type /follow screen_name while another player in the private room can /invite screen_name to bring everyone back.

It still can be a hassle and can take some time though to get everyone in the same place.

C. Conferences

Ever since these came out they have been pretty golden, yet these two have their quirks, occasionally one will join a conference and for absolutely no logical reason whatsoever every post will be double or tripled. It can get extremely messy. Yet usually dropping out of the conference all together and creating a new conf will fix the problem. The true beauty of conferences is that if you have message archiving on, then yahoo messenger will save the entire transcript. No issues of overflow cut off! Here the clouds part and angels sing and blow on trumpets. The transcript is saved automatically, anyone else in your group who is doing the same thing has a copy of it. So in the case of doubles, triples or other yahoo fungus there exists a clean transcript. All you have to do is copy and paste it into a text file for the cleaning process. A conference also acts like a private room, yet seems to be setup differently then yahoo chat rooms in the fact when chat bogs down, the conference does not. Alot of times when you can't get into chat you can still get into conf. The way a conference acts like a private room is in it's manner of allowing invites both to the creator and others you may invite. However thought bubbles with /think and : to change the color of the text does not work, neither does /invite or /follow. However as long as ooc speech is still preceded by /think or some other indicator it still can be cleaned easily.

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