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    submitted 09 April 2006 @ 01:58
    edited 09 April 2006 @ 02:13

General FAQs for FR Foruming

Article written by Alanon
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General FAQs for FR Foruming

All questions have been asked by real people - mostly friends I introduced to the site.
* * * * *

"oh god.... what do i do?"

Hmm. Not sure I can help you with this matter. Perhaps you should first find out what you want to do, then get back to me (through either prayer or money-order, as God I am quite versatile).

"it asks for like name and email and crap? what do i do?"

Well, if you're logged in, your name will be filled in and your email empty. You don't need to add your email unless you feel the people reading your post need it; your name should already be there (if it isn't, type in something you want to be associated with your post - the character's name, for example); and as for 'crap' - don't do anything; just ignore it and move on.

"it says RE: A good pair of that okay? why does it say that?"

Yes, that's quite alright. That means that the title of the post to which you are replying (RE: Stands for 'Reply to:' or 'Regarding:' ) was 'A good pair of hands'. You should, unless you're too lazy, delete the default subject (title) of your post and put in something appropriate. For instance, 'A pair of good gloves', or, if you're not responding to the previous post, just put in whatever the purpose or meaning of your post is. 'My favorite Chile Recipe', whatever suits your need.

"reply? wtf is reply? i dont know what to do ..."

Reply is what you do when you add a post to a thread. You're replying to the topic, adding your own content, participating.

There are three buttons you can use when you wish to reply to a post:
Inserted Image

There is the obvious- the button titled "REPLY". There are also two others found as small icons at the bottom-right of any post - a face and a pair of quotes. The face is a specific reply, meaing that, if you use it, you're subject line will be 'RE: Post Title'. The quotes means that using it will include a quote of the entirety of the post above it in your own.

"register ? log in ? im logged out ? what are you even talking about ?!"

Comprehensive question.

First off, the term register means one thing : giving yourself a permanent identity here at FR. One that saves all of your experience (accumulated through posting and various other ways), groups all of your characters, allows you to recieve messages, and a bajillionzillion (10x10^10^10^10 power) other things. You must fill out a form, found by entering the register page. You'll decide your display name (not your character's name) your password, and several other insidious things - such as credit card number, social security, address, you know - standard.

Logging in is when you find this box on the uber-useful on the menu to the left of the page and insert your login information. This identifies you to FR and allows you to edit your identity's content and participate as yourself in forum activity.

Inserted Image

Being logged out means you haven't logged in and in turn lack access to your FR identity's content.
* * * * *
I hope this has in some way, shape, or form helped you in your undying search for the ultimate FR experience - feel free to message me with anything you are plagued with or were plagued with but have recently discovered the answer to. If appropriate, I'll add them to this article.
* * * * *
Alanon, essentially the Most Wise Being in Existence.

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