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    submitted 22 November 2004 @ 16:00

Magebane -- Locations, Properties, and Uses

Article written by Pyrial Concord
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Magebane is a mineral native to the planet of Anderis. It’s most common form is rock like. One can recognize this rock by its lines of a faint green, sky blue, deep teal and veins of white looking very much like marble. In rare instances where volcanic activity has been semi-recent, one can find pockets magebane in various levels of purity.

Acquiring mage bane is relatively easy. One must dig for it or cut a mine into a dormant volcano. This will most often produce the rock form magebane, but on rare occasions a pocket of crystal magebane is stumbled upon. Crystal mage bane tends to be found near active volcanoes. It is thought that only the constant heat and pressure conditions found deep inside the planet can produce this rare substance. Upon eruption the magebane is thrust from the earth, and is also carried by lava flows. Once on the surface the crystal substance is affected by erosion and is ground into fine sand.

Now as said before colors range from a crystalline white all the way to a deep transparent teal. It is known that the white variety is most common, and incidentally the least potent. Then there is the faint green, it is slightly less common and is often confused for the white variety since its hue is so faint. It would take approximately a third less than the white variety to produce the same effects in radius and duration. Thirdly we come to the blue mage bane, of which only one sixth the amount of the white variety is needed to create the same effect in duration and radius. Now to the purest form of crystalline magebane, the deep teal variety. This is by far the most potent version of the mineral. Only one twelfth the amount of the white version is needed to produce the same effect in duration and radius.

Now onto the effect of magebane. As its name suggests this mineral is more that just a nuisance to mages and other magic users. Magebane distorts magic, spells and artifacts alike. In some cases the mineral in proper quantities can all out nullify spells. Magebane can be used in amulets, armor, jewelry, incorporated into building materials, and in a number of other ways.

A common use for those interested in battle is powdered magebane. Using it in a small ball that bursts upon contact and forms a large cloud, the powdered magebane is inhaled by a magic user and nullifies any magical ability that he or she posses until it completely works out of the magic user’s system. This tends to give the magebane user the upper hand in a battle or fight.

There are likely a number of other uses for magebane but lacking the scientific knowledge and equipment, natives of Anderis have yet to discover such uses.

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