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Update Contact Info
    by JAD
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Update Contact Info

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by JAD posted 17-Oct-2019

Letterost messengers no longer exist. After over a decade are you still even using the same email address you became a member of this site with? Likely its time to update your contact information.

2019 FRSF Birthday

Event on: 15 June 2019
by JAD posted 21-May-2019

Letternother Fantasy Role StoryForge birthday is coming up shortly. Where are the founders? Is anyone doing anything? A few images will be changed in celebration. The site fees are all paid up for another year.

Unitrade Monthly

Event on: 24 November 2017
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by JAD posted 03-Nov-2017

Letter gathering of ship captains, station managers and trade group representatives to discuss affairs and conduct Unitrade Compromise decisions.

This months meeting will take place on Pelos Station. This can be located in station/list.

Plan A
Host Speech / Tour 10 min
Introduction of New Attendees
Project Breifing

Please note any and all ideas brought forth and shared are considered to be valid.
There is no voting only adoption or withdrawal.
There is a zero tolerance policy to name calling or insulting of others.
Light RP with interspersed discussion of sl scripts, practices ectera.

Happy Birthday FRSF!!!

Event on: 20 June 2017
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by JAD posted 25-May-2017

Letterere at Fantasy Role Story Forge we've apparently got so good at getting our site fees paid that when it came time this year... the money was already there. I mean sheesh beating the doom clock by a whole year is almost a non-event. Hats off to the site founders for keeping the site up and available. That donation button is still down there if ya want to help out for next year.

For no particular reason everyone is invited to celebrate the sites birthday on June 20th... post in the comments your well wishes ectera.

Stories and more on the way

by Xukuth posted 27-Nov-2016

Letterhe writers of the region TFL, were away for a time. RL and so on that had to be attended to. We shall see updates of many threads however in the coming weeks.

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