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Happy Birthday FRSF!!!

Event on: 20 June 2017
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by JAD posted 25-May-2017

Letterere at Fantasy Role Story Forge we've apparently got so good at getting our site fees paid that when it came time this year... the money was already there. I mean sheesh beating the doom clock by a whole year is almost a non-event. Hats off to the site founders for keeping the site up and available. That donation button is still down there if ya want to help out for next year.

For no particular reason everyone is invited to celebrate the sites birthday on June 20th... post in the comments your well wishes ectera.

Stories and more on the way

by Xukuth posted 27-Nov-2016

Letterhe writers of the region TFL, were away for a time. RL and so on that had to be attended to. We shall see updates of many threads however in the coming weeks.


by Xukuth posted 30-July-2016

Lettere are still alive, however there have been some timezone issues from our members, and some other RL issues. We shall have new content over the course of the following month though. Thanks for reading.


by EyeoftheNyte posted 21-July-2016

Letters it turns out I was able to get in on a closed beta for a year of service via a newgame host provider called TRU Gaming. As a result of this we, FR Story Forge now has a Minecraft Server. It has the vanilla game installed. Perhaps somewhere down the line a mod or two for funsies can be added in. For now, it's there to enjoy. There are only 8 slots available so if the server is full please try again later.

Oh, this should go without saying but... please... for the love of the forge... no griefing. It will not be tolerated at all.

Thank you very much! See you in game!

(P.S. Yes I realize I didn't add in the IP address. I did that on purpose. Since it is a beta server those who are legitimately interested feel free to PM JAD or myself.)

Daily Bonus!!!

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by JAD posted 28-June-2016

(All site admin/mods exempt and encouraged to humorously complain.)

Create a new character for DOUBLE XP!!!

Additional bonus xp up to 10,000 may be awarded for use of images, original concepts, adding journal entries, associating or adding other characters as friends, posting in a forum or being caught in a chat room with your new character ectera.

The winner of the highest xp during the daily bonus may choose what the next daily bonus will be for.

Please note exp will be taken away from you if this is abused. Only one new character per player will receive the bonus. This news posting will be edited for the next daily bonus see comments for past daily bonuses. Bonuses are rewarded as they are noticed or before the next daily bonus is posted. Participants and their bonus noted in comments.

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